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Bill S. Beam, ARA, RPA, certified in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Kansas, holds the Accredited Rural Appraiser designation with the American Society of Farm Mangers and Rural Appraisers and the Registered Professional Appraiser designation Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. 

With over 25 years of experience, Bill has an impressive array of appraisals he has performed. To mention a few, the Tongue River Ranch (83,200+ acres), the Nail Ranch (40,000+ acres), Hendrick Ranch (46,000+ acres), Swenson Ranch (79,000+ acres), Ford Ranch (38,000+ acres), Cibola Creek Ranch (20,000+ acres), EZ Heart Ranch (128,000+ acres), La Mesa (72,000+ acres), Sears Ranch (18,000+ acres), Maes Ranch (55,000+ acres) and Canyon Colorado Equid Sanctuary Ranch (10, 054+ acres). 

Along with Ranch appraisals, Bill also appraises Feed Mills, Feed Yards, Dairies, Peanut Processing Plants, Flour Mills, Processing Facilities, Funeral Homes, Retail Centers, and Multi-purpose agricultural facilities. 

Not only is Bill Beam highly qualified for a wide array of appraisals, he is also committed to providing the best possible real estate appraisal services, for a wide array of clients, while maintaining accuracy and integrity in the final produ